Research shows close to 75% of schools in Baton Rouge are in ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ shape

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Dozens of schools in Baton Rouge that your children go too, are not in good shape.

That’s according to research done by the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, as they work to create a ‘Facilities Master Plan.’

It’s hard to compare the new, to the really old.

“The reality is, you know, over time, you have to put maintenance in,” said Dr. Sito Narcisse, EBR Schools Superintendent.

But some schools in Baton Rouge may need a lot more than an oil change per se.

“And a master plan of a school district, is where you talk about where you need to put buildings, consolidate, modernize and expand,” said Dr. Narcisse.

How are Baton Rouge schools faring.
How are Baton Rouge schools faring.(WAFB)

The EBR School System did research on how the facilities in the district are faring:

- 20 Active Schools in the district were classified as ‘GOOD.’

- 36 Active Schools were classified as ‘FAIR.’

- 16 Active Schools were classified as ‘POOR.’

“I mean, look at here, we’re at Liberty High School and the environment here feels very college campus. And so trying to make sure that no matter where you are, whether it’s at an elementary or one of our high schools. What are the ways that we can create environments to feel connected, feel good about going to school. And facilities have a lot to do with that,” said Dr. Narcisse.

The 36 schools in ‘FAIR’ condition, may have a few years left.

“Right now, based on the tax plan, there are schools in the next 10 years that should be modernized, fixed, or new buildings. And so, we just have to go through the tax plan,” said Dr. Narcisse.

A series of public meetings like this one will let parents weigh in on what should be done next.

But some people just want the easy stuff taken care of first.

“I’ve been here for 45 years, and this is the most frustrating it’s been,” said Rusty Price, Athletics Director at Broadmoor High.

Broadmoor High’s Football stadium has been without power since Hurricane Ida.

And with no lights, they haven’t been able to play a home game all season...

“And next week is our homecoming week. And I just think it’s not fair to the kids, it’s not fair for the students, to wait this long just to get a wire connected,” said Price.

Coach Price says the school needs major upgrades too. But right now, his focus is just giving these students a few home football games.

“It’s for the kids. It ain’t for me. I’m going to go to the game at Woodlawn, I’m going to go to the game wherever it is. But it’s not fair for the students, who go to this school,” said Price.

There are other town halls scheduled in the future:

·         Northeast High School cafeteria, Oct. 19

·         Belaire High School theater, Oct. 27

·         Scotlandville Magnet High School library, Nov. 3

·         Tara High School library, Nov. 10

·         Woodlawn High School library, Nov. 16

The school system is hopeful to finish up this master plan, when it comes to facilities, by next Summer.

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