Miss. State cowbell tradition spreading to Baton Rouge this fall

An SEC tradition that LSU fans may not be too fond of is making its way to Baton Rouge this fall.
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - An SEC tradition that LSU fans may not be too fond of is making its way to Baton Rouge this fall. The Baton Rouge Zydeco pro hockey team and the River Center will allow fans to bring artificial noisemakers like cowbells inside the arena for games.

“It’s been big up in Canada in the north with cowbells and hockey and we want to bring it down to the south,” said Parker Moskal, a player and front office worker for the Zydeco.

The franchise will sell $8 cowbells to fans for use during the game, or they can bring their own of course. You can also conveniently find a virtual cowbell in the Apple App Store or Google Play store for download. The app was invented and released last year by a Mississippi State student who wanted an alternative way to show his school spirit.

“Pocket cowbell started from having a cowbell and it just being kind of heavy and you can’t really take it inside anywhere and so I thought, what if you could have it in your pocket anywhere you wanted,” said Jesse Hollingsworth, the creator of the app.

Hollingsworth spent four months working on the app and getting it released to the digital store platforms. People from Starkville all the way to Spain have downloaded his application and embedded themselves in the coveted Mississippi State University tradition.

“You can take the cowbell anywhere you GO and not only root for the Bulldogs for us Mississippi Staters; however, you can root for any team or make any noise you want in many fun ways and in all sorts of styles, " Hollingsworth said. “That’s why I made it, to give the experience of the cowbell to anyone around the world.”

That experience is coming to Baton Rouge this fall but this time it’s south Louisianian’s ringing the bells, rather than Bulldogs fans.

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